Erectile Dysfunction and Healthwise Decisions

An erection of the penis can occur when there is some sort of stimulation to the body arouses the organ. It can be touch, sight, smell, sound and other stimulators which the nervous system identifies like signals to the action. The signals from the central nervous system are sent to the penile region where the process gets started.

The blood flow and proper functioning of the vessels as well as nervous signals from the brain make a complex involved into the normal erectile function. As blood comes into the tissues of the penis, it gets larger, harder and erect. The blood vessels draining the blood from the penis shut to prevent blood from coming out of the penis and to provide and maintain the erection.

The erection produced naturally goes away soon after the climax when the extra blood is drained from the organ.

Normal erections occur whenever the brain receives the signals from the nervous system and sends them back to the penile organ. Erections can occur deliberately and spontaneously at any time of the day or night. With age men learn how to control their erections and have arousal at the wanted time.

Most problems with erections are caused by a combination of both physical and psychological issues.

Physical causes

Physical causes tend to be in most cases common illnesses which men develop to certain age in their lives. These include vascular problems, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, stroke, heart problems, hypertension and others. Other physical causes may have origin in injuries, surgery complications, traumas, physical deformity of the penis and others.

Lots of men in their 55-60 years of age experience hormonal imbalance due to natural decrease of the hormone testosterone. Still it may be not the main cause of the erectile dysfunction.

Psychological causes

Psychological causes usually occur when a person experiences some problems with job, family, relations, or may have increased stress, anxiety or grief due to some event.

Scientists have estimated that psychological issues account for about 40% of erection problems. And this type of problems tends to occur in younger men.

Erectile dysfunction strikes men all of a sudden or may be a part of long-lasting problem. Men who experience some sort of erectile difficulties should consult their medical practitioners to manage the symptoms and prolong their natural abilities to get and maintain erections.

Decisions for erection problems

It is not impossible to cure the condition called erectile dysfunction. But a man can prevent it or stop it by making certain important decisions. First of all, the lifestyle which brings to the problem should be changed. It refers to smoking, excessive drinking, overeating and lack of physical activity.

Then the treatment to the underlying cause should be started along with the treatment of erectile dysfunction. If the cause of the problem is diabetes, then the blood sugar should be controlled. If the hypertension – a man should start the proper treatment for it.

Finally, the main reason, why the erections don’t appear or tend to be weak, should be managed. The adequate blood supply to the penis can be provided by one of the medicines used orally for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Sildenafil, the first oral drug marketed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, relaxes smooth muscle in the corpora cavernosa , enabling erection during arousal. Other treatments are available. Make the right decision and ask your doctor for advice.

Buy Viagra Online Australia

viagraMales today are eager to get the right treatment to the problem of erectile dysfunction. Remedies like Viagra are chosen to help males in cases when they cannot get and maintain erections needed for lovemaking.

The results from the treatment with buy Viagra Australia are really great: males can get and sustain erections during the desired time, erections become stronger and durable.

Concerning the aspect of effectiveness, buy Viagra Australia is thought to be one of the most successful medicines used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Its response to the stimulation results in strong erections in 4 males out of 5 even in small dose of 25 mg. The higher doses – 50 and 100 mg are producing even greater effects.

Buy Viagra Australia is actually the most well-known medicine worldwide. By coping with lovemaking trouble, it regains males’ abilities to acquire and sustain an erection.

The actions of the medicine last for as long as 4 hours in the male body. Still the duration of the action may differ in individual cases. Usually males are recommended to use Viagra 30 minutes before intended sexual act. The pill of 50 mg is enough for most males to perform perfectly soon after the medicine is consumed.woman

Food may spoil the action of Viagra or delay it somehow. So doctors suggest using this medicine without food. The consumption of alcohol is restricted as alcohol may affect Viagra and cause side effects.

The main principle of Viagra work lays in boosting the blood flow to the penis. It happens due to certain processes which Viagra induces in your body. Particularly it restricts the actions of PDE-5 enzyme and enhances the production of cGMP.

Under these conditions the muscles within the penis get relaxed, more blood comes into the penis and expands it. The erect penis remains filled with extra blood for the period needed for complete lovemaking until the climax.
So for anyone who struggles with erectile dysfunction, Viagra may be the best answer giving the second chance, and renewing sexual life.

Why do sportsmen buy Viagra?

What is Viagra?

Buy Viagra Australia and its generic versions is an extremely popular medicine prescribed for the treatment of erectile difficulties. It continues to be tremendously successful among men who want to improve their sexual life.

The medicine offers the great opportunity to enhance ED and obtain harder erections for best performance in

It works by stimulation which triggers the process of erection. The release of nitric oxide is accompanied by the increase in the amount of cGMP.

When the erectile process occurs, it is proven to be caused by the impairment of cGMP by the enzyme known as PDE-5.

Buy Viagra Australia and stops the actions of this enzyme and improves the amount of cGMP.

By regulating this process, Viagra increases the blood stream to the penis and assists in getting and maintaining an erection.

Sildenafil’s ability to improve the blood circulation

Recently, the medicine was given more attention due to its possibility to improve blood circulation within the human body.

It is used to treat PAH in men and women and increase their physical capacity.

This feature of the medicine was given much interest to by those people who engage in sports professionally.

Sildenafil use in sports

Sildenafil, the main component in Viagra Australia shows more and more advantages of its use.

The athletes find that buy Viagra can be a real physical performance enhancer being able to increase their results in professional sports.

Sildenafil is known to inhibit the actions of an enzyme PDE type 5. This enzyme has been recently discovered to ruin and reduce the blood flow to the different parts of the body and body tissues. 1

Less blood makes impossible to improve the musculature and use the potential of the body to its highest extent.

This was the reason why professional athletes start paying attention to such medicines as Viagra. Sildenafil increases the stamina and endurance, helping the athletes to boost their physical capacity.

The sportsmen say that they can feel more energy with the medicine as it provide better blood circulation giving the muscle tissues enough bloodstream and delivering more oxygen.

Definitely, Viagra presents new surprises, this time assisting athletes in their physical achievements and results. What is more? Wait and see.


Perspectives of ED treatment

future treatmentsIn the future the treatment of different diseases and conditions is going to be better, more effective and safer. The science is moving forward to offer people innovative absolutely secure and effectual methods of treatments.
One of the men’s health concerns is erectile dysfunction which is not curable at the moment. The target of the science is to develop such way of treatment that will meet all the requirements of different categories of patients in order to combat impotence.
Among the perspectives are: creams, melanocortin activators, gene therapy and toxins of the animals. Some of them may seem to be not as safe as others, still all of them have a place to be and all of them can be viewed as alternative for traditional ED treatments available now.
The cream treatment developed is known as Topiglan. The main component of the cream is alprostadil already used in injections for ED treatment. The idea to make a cream containing alprostadil is innovative as it may be considered the best and the safest method of treatment of ED ever. The cream is applied directly on the penis and the result is extra blood inflow to the region producing rigid erection. No side events, no discomfort.
Gene therapy might appear to be the most complex and innovative method of ED treatment. Gene therapy may be applied in the treatment of many diseases as it studies genes and produces the methods to improve genes actions.
Melanocortin activators are the other way of combating ED in men. These activators are intended to work in the central nervous system and the brain to improve the reactions and signals from the brain to the organs.
Toxins of animals and insects can be used to improve the male penile sexual functioning.
More research is needed to prove the effectiveness of each method. Scientists work to provide more possible ideas to fight ED in men and find the ideal method of curing this condition.

Patient’s recommendations

a6b0d52f609dNow I buy Viagra Australia for about 3 weeks. Before I used 5mg Cialis daily within a year approximately.

The first result was OK but it seemed that the erection is losing the strength. The doctor has advised me 50mg Viagra and given me samples.

I and my wife saw the difference at once! Buy Viagra Australia is really more expensive but you could buy the 100mg pills and cut them into two or even four doses. I am over 55 and have great sex with my wife at least 4 times a week. Be aware there are fake pills on the market too! I want to say thanks to the people who have produced this medicine for us!


I’m only 50 and have been struggling with erectile dysfunction for the recent few months. Buy Viagra Australia is very effective treatment for men, though rather expensive. I take it usually 30 min before sex and try to avoid any food to get the result faster. Besides, I notice that the medicine can work longer if I take it without food.

viagraI should say that I always stimulate myself for having an erection. It is easy because my wife is very helpful in that) I started with 50 mg of Viagra, now I think I can use 100 mg of Viagra one day. Still today I’m very satisfied with the result and can recommend this medicine for all men. Sam, 50 y.o.a.

Buy Viagra Australia is very effective for me. I can compare it with Cialis which was also effective, but caused me muscle pain and had to switch to Viagra. I consume Viagra 100 mg and think it is the best dose as it is very powerful. The erections after Viagra 100 mg are extremely strong. I can’t say I could ever have such strong erections without the medicine even in my young days. Pitt, 54via

I buy Viagra 50 mg, I was advised by my doc to use it for my erection problem. He said I should use my dose without food. I usually take it with water, do not drink any beverages containing alcohol. Viagra works very well and I feel young again. Joshua, 48

Viagra game me the second chance for happy sexual life. I suffered from erectile dysfunction several years ago until I found the best treatment ever. viagra1Viagra deals with my problem so easily and surely that I get no trouble with erections. My erections are firm and durable. I can boast several erections in the time period of 4 hours. The dose which I regularly take is 50 mg of Viagra. I believe buy Viagra Australia is the best one for me. James, 52 years old

My experience with Viagra started five years ago when I came to my doc and complained about poor erections. I used to lose erections and then even was not able to get erections.

Luckily for me my doctor prescribed buy Viagra 100 mg. So, I take it with water, try to avoid meals or eat only salad. The reaction of my body is within 30 minutes post taking a pill. The erections are persistent and very strong. I can have sex longer than usual. So, I recommend this medicine for all men who have the same problem as I have. Thomas, 48