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Viagra (Sildenafil Soft) is a chewable medication with a chemically improved formulation, used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Viagra Soft increases the body’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection during sexual stimulation. viagra soft tabs
Viagra Soft is produced in the form of sublingual quick dissolving lozenge, containing quick dissolving compounds.Viagra Soft offers reduced time of activation – only 10 minutes. The sublingual lozenges dissolve immediately when placed under the tongue and are detectable in plasm within 10 minutes.

The advantages of the drug are:
• Improved formula;
• Highest percent of response;
• Activation time only 10min;
• The effect lasts for 6 hours;
• Mint-flavoured and sublingual application.
Buy viagraThe drug is used to treat erectile dysfunction in males only; it helps to achieve an erection, to maintain it for a long time period, by increasing blood inflow to create the needed penis pressure. Soft Viagra stimulates the dopamine receptors in the hypothalamus and mid-brain, enhancing the natural erection process. The time for the drug to onset the erection is about 15-19 minutes, compared to 1 hour for Viagra. The formula of the drug gives a male a similar level of potency and duration as standard Viagra.
These soft tabs are taken orally and sublingually, 10 minutes prior to sexual intercourse. The dosage depends on the health condition of the patient and is prescribed by the doctor. The tabs are taken with a drink of water.

Viagra Soft tabs are available in a 100mg and are taken as needed.
The precautions to Viagra Soft are the same as to the usual Viagra pills. The interactions of these soft tabs are the same as with Viagra pills.
Possible Serious Side Effects:
• loss of hearing or ringing in ears;
• loss of vision, blurred vision, sensitivity to light,
• difficulty breathing;
• chest pain;
• prolonged erection (lasting longer than 4 hours);
• skin rash, itching.
If some of these side effects occur, call your doctor at once.
You can experience some less serious side effects:
• diarrhea;
• dizziness;
• flushing;
• headache;
• indigestion;
• nasal congestion.
If you have these conditions, consult your doctor.

Active substance: Vardenafil (Vardenafil)

Structure and Composition Levitra (Levitra): Film-coated tablets.
1 table. – Vardenafil 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg (equivalent to 5.926, 11.852, 23.705 mg of vardenafil hydrochloride trihydrate, respectively). Inactive ingredients: crospovidone, magnesium stearate, MCC, silica colloidal anhydrous, macrogol 400, hypromellose, titanium dioxide, iron oxide yellow, iron oxide red in blisters 1, 2, 3 or 4 pieces.; A stack of cardboard 1, 2 or 3 boxes.
Description of the dosage form Levitra (Levitra): Round, biconvex, slightly rough tablets from light orange to grayish-orange color, coated, embossed:
Tablets 5 mg: on one side – “5”, on the other – corporate Bayer cross.
Tablets 10 mg: on one side – “10”, on the other – corporate Bayer cross.
Tablets 20 mg: on one side – “20”, on the other – corporate Bayer cross.

Pharmacological action of Levitra (Levitra): improving erectile function (increases potency).

Pharmacokinetics Levitra (Levitra): Absorption. After ingestion it’s rapidly absorbed. When you receive an empty stomach early peak Cmax can be reached in 15 minutes, but 90% of the average Cmax achieved within 60 min (30 to 120 min). The absolute bioavailability of approximately 15%. At the recommended dose range (5-20 mg), the parameter “area under the curve of the concentration-time» (AUC) and Cmax increased in proportion to the dose.
When receiving vardenafil simultaneously with food containing high fat (57%), the rate of absorption decreases with time to reach Cmax (Tmax) to 60 min, and the value of the average Cmax decreased by 20% without a significant change in the AUC. When receiving a normal diet containing no more than 30% fat, the pharmacokinetic parameters of vardenafil (Cmax, Tmax, AUC) are not changed.
Distribution. The average volume of distribution at steady state vardenafil is 208 liters, which demonstrates its good tissue distribution. Vardenafil and its major metabolite (M1) is well bound to plasma proteins (95%), and this property is reversible and does not depend on the total concentration of the drug.

Based on the results of measurements of vardenafil in semen of healthy men after 90 minutes after ingestion, it can be assumed that no more than 0.00012% of the administered dose may be determined in the semen of patients.
Metabolism. Vardenafil is metabolized predominantly liver enzymes involving izoformyCYP3A4, as well as CYP3A5 and CYP2C9 cytochrome P450. The average T1 / 2 of vardenafil is 4-5 h, and the major metabolite M1 – about 4 hours in the blood contained glucuronide metabolite M1. The concentration of the rest of the metabolite M1 is 26% of the concentration of active ingredient. Profile selectivity for phosphodiesterase in M1 is similar to that of vardenafil; in vitro ability to inhibit PDE-5 is 28% compared to vardenafil, which corresponds to 7% efficacy.
Excretion. The total clearance of vardenafil is 56 L / h, the final T1 / 2 – about 4-5 hours after oral vardenafil in the form of metabolites derived primarily through the gastrointestinal tract (91-95% dose), to a lesser extent – by the kidneys (2-6% of the dose ).
Elderly patients. In healthy older men (? 65 years) compared with younger individuals (? 45 years) hepatic clearance of vardenafil was reduced. The average AUC in the elderly increased by 52%. However, differences in efficacy and safety in elderly patients and young adults are not marked.
Renal failure. Patients with mild (Cl creatinine> 55-80 ml / min) and moderate (Cl creatinine> 30-50 ml / min), degree of renal dysfunction vardenafil pharmacokinetic parameters are comparable with those in healthy subjects. With severe renal impairment (Cl creatinine <30 ml / min), the mean AUC value of the index rises by 21% and Cmax decreased by 23%. Significant correlation between creatinine clearance and vardenafil plasma concentrations (AUC and Cmax) are not marked.
In patients on hem dialysis, pharmacokinetics of vardenafil has not been studied.
Abnormal liver function. Patients with minor or moderate hepatic dysfunction Vardenafil clearance is reduced in proportion to the degree of liver function abnormalities. Mild hepatic failure (stage A to Child-Pugh) marked rises in AUC and Cmax of 1,2 times (AUC – 17%, C max – 22%), while for moderate (stage B according to Child-Pugh) – 2,6 (160%) and 2.3 (130%) times, respectively, compared with healthy volunteers.
Patients with severe hepatic dysfunction (Stage B of Child-Pugh), the pharmacokinetics of vardenafil has not been studied.
Pharmacodynamics Levitra (Levitra): penile erection is a homodynamic process, based on the relaxation of smooth muscles of cavernous bodies and placed them in the arterioles. During sexual stimulation of the nerve endings of the corpus cavernous released nitric oxide (NO), activates the enzyme granulate cycles, which leads to an increase in content in the cavernous bodies of cyclic guanidine monophosphate (cGMP). The result is relaxation of smooth muscles of cavernous bodies, which increases blood flow to the penis.
By blocking specific phosphodiesterase fifth type (PDE-5), which participates in the cleavage of cGMP, vardenafil enhances local action of endogenous nitric oxide (NO) in cavernous bodies during sexual stimulation.
This effect accounts for the ability to Levitra enhance response to sexual stimulation.

Indications Levitra (Levitra): Erectile dysfunction (inability to achieve and maintain an erection necessary for sexual intercourse).

Contraindications Levitra (Levitra): hypersensitivity to any component of the drug;
simultaneous application of nitrate or drugs, which are nitric oxide donators;
combination with HIV protease inhibitors like endeavor or ritonavir.
congenital prolongation QT;
anatomical deformity of the penis (curvature, cavernous fibrosis, Peyronie’s disease);
diseases predisposing to priapism (sickle cell anemia, multiple myeloma, leukemia);
severe hepatic dysfunction;
kidney disease in the terminal stage;
hypotension (SBP alone – less than 90 mm Hg. Art.)
recent stroke and myocardial infarction;
unstable angina;
hereditary degenerative diseases of the retina (eg retinitis pigmentosa);
tendency to bleeding and exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease;
aortic stenosis and idiopathic hypertrophic subaortalny stenosis.

Side effects: Levitra, generally well tolerated, side effects, usually slightly or moderately expressed and are transient in nature.
These placebo-controlled clinical trials
The frequency of – 1%
Nervous system: dizziness, headache.
Cardiovascular system: hot flashes (hot flashes, redness of facial skin, “hot flashes”).
Respiratory System: congestive hyperemia of the nasal mucosa (mucosal edema, rhinitis, rhino rhea).
Digestive system: dyspepsia, nausea.
Data from all clinical trials
The most common -> 10%
Nervous system: headache.
Cardiovascular system: hot flashes (hot flashes, redness of facial skin, “hot flashes”).
Typical -> 1 – <10%
Nervous System: dizziness.
Respiratory System: congestive hyperemia of the nasal mucosa (mucosal edema, rhinitis, rhino rhea).
Digestive system: dyspepsia, nausea.
Atypical -> 0.1 – <1%
Nervous System: somnolence.
Organs of vision: increased tearing blurred vision (luminance of view).
Cardiovascular system: hypertension, hypotension, orthostatic hypotension.
Respiratory System: dyspnea, epistaxis.
Skin: facial swelling, photosensitivity reaction.
Rare -> 0,01 – <0,1%
Immune System: hypersensitivity reaction.
Psychiatric disorders: anxiety.
Nervous system: syncope.
Organs of vision: increased intraocular pressure.
Cardiovascular System: angina pectoris, myocardial ischemia.
Respiratory system: laryngeal edema.
Musculoskeletal system: increased muscle tone.
Reproductive system: Extension of an erection or painful erections.
There are rare post marketing reports of cases of anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (PINZN), which leads to impaired vision (including the permanent loss of vision), related in time with taking PDE-5 inhibitors, including and Levitra, patients, many of which have the associated risk factors for this condition as an anatomical defect of the optic disc, age over 50 years, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, coronary artery disease, hyperlipidemia and smoking. Not established whether the development is related directly PINZN using PDE-5 inhibitors, or with the existing patient concomitant vascular risk factors, and anatomic defects, or with a combination of these factors, or other reasons.
Cases of visual impairment, including temporary or permanent loss of vision, which are associated in time with the inhibitors of PDE-5, including and Levitra. Not established whether these cases are directly taking PDE-5 inhibitors, or with concomitant vascular risk factors, or other reasons.


PriligyPriligy (dapoxetine hydrochloride) is a medication indicated for treatment of premature ejaculation. The active component of the drug- dapoxetine is a short-acting, selective serotonin (5-HT) reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). Priligy is effective for premature ejaculation because of the critical role of serotonin in the pathophysiology of the disease.
The drug acts in a similar way to many anti-depressants, but is much safer as our body eliminates it much quicker. The human plasma absorbs it quickly and the plasma levels are normal again after 1-2 hours. The half-life of the drug is short within 15 to 19 hours after a single dose and 20- 24 hours after multiple doses.
Priligy is a new method for regulation of premature problems in males. It is orally taken when needed, 1-3 hours before sexual intercourse. The mechanism of action involves the process of increased duration of sex and improved control over ejaculation.
Several studies have confirmed that Priligy has a benefit in the treatment of premature ejaculation and allows a male to reach orgasm.PE treat

It is the first oral medication that received approval for PE treatment in Finland, Sweden, Canada, Australia, Portugal, Austria and Germany. However it is not yet approved by FDA, which conducts more researches of this drug.
Premature ejaculation is a problem when a man ejaculates sooner than his actual carvings. It is a common disorder for many men and should be taken under serious control.
If you have problems with ejaculation and cannot control your ejaculatory process for lasting longer in bed, the solution is Priligy. Priligy is a well tolerated drug and is effective in improving premature ejaculation.
Nevertheless, the drug has some side effects including:
• Nausea;
• Headache;
• Diarrhea;
• Dizziness.
Other rare side effects include urinary retention, tremors, and thoughts of suicide.


Kamagra – the generic form (the exact equivalent) of Viagra from the company Pfizer. Allows you to achieve an erection and hold it much longer than usual. Kamagra is very popular in the world market is much cheaper than Viagra and gives absolutely identical effect. Moreover, since Viagra as brand name is often forged, it may be that it is Kamagra gives you the effect that you did not get from Viagra.

General Information
Kamagra (Kamagra) restores the potency of men achieves an erection and keeps it instead of 1-2 minutes more than 8-12 minutes.

Packing form, composition and dosage

The blister pack with 4 pills. Each tablet of Kamagra (Kamagra) contains sildenafil 100 mg.

Note: The manufacturer several times changed the packaging design: they were blue, red, and now (2009-2010) is green. The supplier reserves the right to supply the drug in the form in which it will be available at the date of manufacture of the drug without prior notification of the customer and regardless of the image contained in the item card on our website.

Indications for Use

Kamagra (Kamagra) is used for treating sexual disorders in men. Appointed by difficulties with achieving an erection and its retention for a sufficient time.

Method of application

Sildenafil 100 mg should be taken only on doctor’s advice. Kamagra (Kamagra) should take approximately one hour before sexual intercourse. When you receive a fasting effect is manifested more rapidly. Swallow the pill whole and wash down with a little water. Take no more than once a day. To gain maximum benefit from the drug before taking should not eat large amounts of alcohol.


You should tell your doctor about all medications you are taking. Kamagra (Kamagra) can be taken with other drugs only if recommended by your doctor. Kamagra (Kamagra) may cause undesirable intensification of action of drugs, known as nitrates and nitric oxide donators (used to treat angina). Simultaneously, the drug and should not be accepted. Kamagra (Kamagra) can not be used in combination with other drugs intended to treat erectile dysfunction.


Allergic reaction to a drug or any ingredient of the drug (itching, rash, swelling of the face or lips, shortness of breath). Should be consulted before taking this medication with your doctor if you suffer from any of the following conditions: sickle cell anemia, leukemia, multiple myeloma, or disease or deformity of the penis, a rare eye disease called retinitis pigments, stomach ulcers and diseases accompanied by hemorrhage (eg , hemophilia).

Side Effects

Headache and rush-to-face, digestive disorders, dizziness, stuffy nose, vision changes (change the color of objects, the increased brightness of light or blurred vision). These undesirable effects are usually easily and moderately expressed and persist for long.

Instructions and additional information

All that can be said about Viagra (sildenafil) can be reasonably attributed to Kamagra (Kamagra), because drugs are identical in composition.


CialisCialis (Tadalafil) is a PDEF5 inhibitor, manufactured in pill form by Eli Lilly and Company in 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg doses. Cialis is a drug for treatment of impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) that has approval of Food and Drug Administration (in 2003).
Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a repeated inability to get and maintain an erection in men. Cialis is a good way to treat erectile dysfunction in men, showing best results in the beginning of the treatment. The drug works by getting increased blood flow into the penis during sexual stimulation, and helps a male to achieve and maintain an erection.
Tadalafil shows the effect in 30 minutes after taking as it is quickly absorbed in the body. The effect lasts for about 36 hours.generic tadalafil
A person who takes Cialis for the first time should observe the dose very carefully. That is why doctor’s consultation is important to determine the exact dose. An overdose of Cialis may occur if a person takes much of this drug. Overdose symptoms are heartburn, headache, flushing, chest pain, and back pain, erection lasting more than 4 hours, indigestion, and some other symptoms. If such symptoms occur, a person should immediately seek medical help.
It is vital to consult your doctor about usage of Cialis, if you are taking any other drugs. Such drugs as imatinib, rifampin, dalfopristin, isoniazid, antifungal medications, antidepressants, heart or blood pressure medications should not be taken with tadalafil.
Cialis can be taken regardless of food. The drug can be used when needed or daily, but the dosage in any case should be under serious control.

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